How to use BackupBot

Using BackupBot is very simple.

Set your backup folder

Getting the folder ID of a folder in Google Drive is simple.


Step 1 – go Google Drive and navigate to the folder you want to get the folder id.

Step 2 – from the browser URL select the letters and number after the url

Example the folder url is:

The id is: 12FlePBo5eoIk2_xvr6KAjTDmkl0YLbTd

Step 3 – copy and paste the id in the field for BackupBot and click set.

Schedule your backups

With BackupBot you can set multiple types of backups.


Backup Hourly

It will backup your file hourly.

Backup Daily

It will backup your file every day at a set hour.

Backup Weekly

It will backup your file at a set day and hour.

Backup Monthly

It will backup your file on a set day every month.

You can have only one type of backup.

You can cancel the backups at any time using the Cancel button.

We now offer in the app scheduled email backups for Sheets.